no, i will not go quietly…

1. I am totally listening to Steven Curtis Chapman right now, and am not ashamed to say it. Hey, he’s a PCA guy, and his daughter goes to Baylor. Can’t be all bad.

2. So I’m in the middle of a book called The Supremacy of Christ in a Postmodern World (a birthday gift from the parentals–thanks again, Mom and Dad), which is based on a conference John Piper held at his church a couple of years ago. If you’re a theology nerd and need any incentive to click that link, or read the book, contributors include D.A. Carson, Tim Keller, Mark Driscoll, and Voddie Baucham, among others. Hot.

Anyway. While reading this, and a book about home life, the thought occurs to me that the postmodern ethos is really about a homelessness of soul, the feeling that there’s nowhere in the universe a person can take refuge. If there’s no meaning in the world, after all, then trying to find a home here is like trying to find warmth in a cardboard box: It may do the trick for a while, but it might also kill you eventually. And it’s equally as true for the Christian as the pagan; anytime we try to make our home here, it usually backfires. But, thank God, He gives us meaning. Christ the master Carpenter builds us a household to dwell in, not just as servants, but sons and daughters. We have a place where we can feel safe and accepted–indeed, be safe and accepted, truly–where we can feast, where we can put down roots, where we can welcome other people in, both neighbors and strangers.

It’s important for us, then, to reflect this truth in the church and in our own homes, and make them places where people can come in and have a seat without feeling excluded.

3. A random, kind-of theological question: Do you pronounce Augustine “AW-guh-steen” or “Ah-GUH-stihn”? I have been told that the latter is the right, proper way, but then again J.I. Packer pronounces it the first way, so I guess it’s a matter of taste. *shrug*

4. Finally, I was reminded of this guy the other day, and figured I’d kick it old-school a little bit:


5 thoughts on “no, i will not go quietly…

  1. 1) Nothing wrong with a little SCC.

    2) Dude, that was an awesome image. I’m going to have steal it at some point. I’ll try to remember to give you credit.

    3) I think the second is the high brow way to pronounce it. I pronounce it the first way. I’m not sure anyway can legitimately say at this point which is *right*, and in my experience, people tend to pick up on the pronunciation of their earliest church history prof.

    4) Ummmmm, yeah. Thanks for sharing.

  2. See, I was taught that AW-guh-steen is the Protestant pronunciation, whereas Ah-GUH-stin was the Catholic pronunciation. The latter always sounded more high-faultin’ to me 🙂

    And I thought you’d like that link (I actually posted it with you in mind…)

  3. Steph

    you know, Steven Curtis Chapman is putting on a concert at cfbc sometimes soon. we could really kick it old school and go to that one, too. just a thought.

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