t13 (the “dang, i almost forgot” edition)

Or, the “shoot, Internet Explorer doesn’t like WordPress, does it?” edition. (Seriously, the visuals are all wonky. This is why I use Firefox.)

This week: Your 13 favorite female vocalists. For some reason, this is more difficult for me than you would think.

1. Patty Griffin.

2. Sandra McCracken.

3. Feist!

4. Emily DeLoach (she’s an indie artist–if you remember the video of Andrew Osenga getting a haircut, she was the barber).

5. Reba McIntyre (no, really).

6. Allison Krauss.

7. Aimee Mann.

8. Aretha Franklin.

9. Pre-reality TV Whitney Houston. “I Will Always Love You” gives me goosebumps. No, really.

10. Christina Aguilera. Seriously, she has a great voice, even if I don’t always like her songs.

11. Imogen Heap.

12. Sara Watkins (of Nickel Creek).

13. Idina Menzel.


2 thoughts on “t13 (the “dang, i almost forgot” edition)

  1. hannah s.

    so I don’t think I can do this one, because it’ll be all too similar to yours…or maybe I will (on my own blog). But know that it’ll be all too similar to yours. 🙂

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