random use of colons.

1. Odd thought: I think that, by the time I turned 21, I’d been on an airplane at least that many times, and five of those times were transoceanic (LA from Seoul, Honolulu from LA, LA from Honolulu, Edinburgh from Newark, Newark from Edinburgh). And ever since I turned 21, I haven’t been on an airplane at all. Heck, I haven’t even been out of the state. No wonder my wanderlust is getting so amped up.

2. Worst cover song ever, discovered recently on iTunes: Archibald Asparagus and Mr. Lunt doing “Crocodile Rock”, with the substituted lyric, “Susie wore her dresses white.” *sigh*

3. Wacoans: I bought my Sing ticket today–i.e., I’ll be in town February 27. The end.

4. Note to self: Little sleep leads to your having brief lapses in sanity. Fix that.

5. I found a hitch in my gender-bending version of Les Mis: “Master of the House”. It’d take a serious rewrite. Oh well…


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