and i can’t sleep…

1. So, I took a quiz online, and apparently the candidates I most line up with are John McCain and Barack Obama. (No kidding.) How’d this happen? The occupational hazards of being an independent moderate. Maybe I’ll vote for McCain?

2. I don’t know. My dad made the good point the other day that we’re probably ready for a third party, a good strong third party, to emerge and actually be able to have a fighting chance against the Democrats and Republicans. A combination of evangelicals who are tired of our “spiritual leaders” putting their feet in their mouths politically, and a general discontent with the political system everywhere might just make it happen. It might take my generation (and maybe the one before) to begin to rework the system, and it might not become totally viable until our grandkids are old enough to vote, but who knows? Maybe it’ll be worth it.

3. Ash Wednesday is a week from today, and while repentance is something I’ve been trying to learn for a while now, for some reason this year Lent feels like a good time to really dig down deep into it, and the spiritual disciplines alongside. Discipline’s not one of my strong points by a long shot, but I guess I’ve been growing in it for a while, which is nice (and worthy of a “hallelujah”). We’re fragile beings, us humans, and it takes a long time to form good habits and break bad ones–but we have been made new and are being made new. I want to spend a lot of time in the Word and the sacraments this season, and not just during Lent, but after, too. So pray for me, too, that I would love God enough to give up my laziness.

4. Uh, what else? Oh, huh–just heard a blurb on TV that says that eating super-spicy food may be related to our need to impress people of the opposite sex. Endurance of pain = strength = HOT (uh. no pun intended). Or something like that. Some of us, like myself, may just be masochistic. Now where’d the Tabasco go? (That being said, Target carries these spicy chips that are really, really good, but only if you want your sinuses cleared, or the top of your head blown off.)

5. T13 to come. Stay tuned. Have a good evening, kids.


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