a few quick notes on a monday evening

I’ve been reading J.P. Moreland’s Love the Lord With All Your Mind, and the thought occurs to me that, sadly, I let my intellectual life crap out after graduation, which scares me a bit. In college I was surrounded by other geeks (and by people geekier than myself, which is kind of incredible to watch), and so I had the constant exchange of ideas going on–theological, literary, sociological, philosophical, what have you–with my peers. Now that I’m out in the real world and working retail (a field not generally known for its stimulating intellectual life), my thought life’s gone kind of pear-shaped. I’m not studying anything, I’m not writing about what I read, I’m not discussing anything. I need that community, that goading. But what happens once I no longer have access to it?

That all being said, part of me wants someone to make me write a paper or do a project or something with a deadline, just so I can have something to do.

Also, since I know some theological types read this, where are some good biblical study resources I can tap into? All the commentaries in our house got given away, so I’m thinking online or investing in a good copy of something. Also, what’s a good concordance I can use?

That’s it.

Well, maybe not, because Teacher Dave sent me this tonight (and you wonder why I’m not studying anything):


2 thoughts on “a few quick notes on a monday evening

  1. La madre recommends Halley’s Bible Handbook and Holman’s Illustrated Bible Dictionary – she spent a good bit of time looking around before choosing those, so there might be something to it. (And she actually recommended “the goldish one” but I made her go look up actual titles, unless you book-shop by color…)

    and I miss you. You’re coming up at the end of the month, yes? Can’t wait to see you!

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