t13 (going up early to make up for all the late weeks)

this week: one that probably won’t be real popular–13 great YouTube/Google videos. (no, no valentine’s-related stuff. i just don’t feel like it, okay?)

1. This one, you have to watch until the very, very end:

2. Not sure why this is funny–it just is, okay?

3. Why I watch Alton Brown:

4. This is just–yeah. If you can get into contemporary dance, this is worth a watch:

5. Best part? Bono fits right in with the hat:

6. “My milkshake brings all the boys to the yard…” I get this stuck in my head frequently, embarrassing as that is.

7. As he describes it, “What happens when I’m alone without my family for any length of time…”

8. There are no words:

9. Raul Esparza + Wicked = LOVE

10. Okay, Rentheads, this is for you:

11. Because I feel like traumatizing you today:

12. And as a major apology for that last one, here is some Sufjan:

13.Β  To end on a good note, some Sacred Harp singing:


2 thoughts on “t13 (going up early to make up for all the late weeks)

  1. That’s a good Sufjan video. My personal favorite of all the Sufjan videos on YouTube is the one of him playing The Transfiguration in Milwaukee, followed closely by the best ones of Majesty Snowbird.

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