she is talkin’, but she speaks in code…

(starting music: Buddy and Julie Miller – That’s Just How She Cries)

1. I just finished (literally, about five minutes ago) J.P. Moreland’s Love Your God With All Your Mind, a book on how Christians need to have a well-developed intellectual life (something I have been sorely lacking lately), and it has me thinking: In evangelical circles, generally speaking, there aren’t a lot of women who are intellectually engaged in theology or philosophy or what have you. Granted, there are exceptions to this, and I’m privileged to know some of them, but we tend to leave serious theological study up to the boys. (If you need an example, look at any evangelical book catalog, and look at the titles written by men and those written by women.)

Sisters, we need to be engaged in the serious study of God’s Word and of our culture, both for our own edification and that of others. We may not be called to be pastors or scholars, but since when has that let any lay person off the hook? I am trying to pursue this in my own life; I encourage you to do the same.

2. If anyone busts out the “men are more intellectual, women are more emotional” clause in response to that last point, I WILL PUNCH YOU IN THE FACE.  (Yes, I realize the underlying irony of that last statement. Whatever.)

3. One of the really bad side effects of being a voracious reader: My to-be-read pile has gotten huge. Obscenely so, really. It is threatening to take over my desk–which, granted, isn’t much of a feat since I have a tiny desk, but still. That’s a lot of books. I’ve been slowing down since the beginning of the year, which only means that this pile is going to be staring me in the face longer. Help.

4. Reader survey (and the first of the year, if I have my facts straight):

a) So, I’ve told you what I’m reading–what are you reading?

b) What was the last movie you watched?

c) If you were given $10,000 and were told that you had to do something for someone else with it, what would you do, and for whom?

d) What’s one thing you’d say you’re really good at? (Negative things are not allowed. Seriously, what are you really good at?)

e)  Who has influenced your thinking the most (besides Jesus, okay)?


4 thoughts on “she is talkin’, but she speaks in code…

  1. hannah s.

    a) still Girl Meets God. I get bad with reading sometimes…I put it off, and then it goes unread for a long time. I’m enjoying it, though.

    b) on DVD? Moulin Rouge. In the theatres? Atonement.

    c) I’d talk with my Community Development major friends and see where it would do the most good with overseas development.

    d) Making cards for people. I don’t like that qualifier, “really” — I’d say I’m “good at it.” 🙂

    e) This is such a crazy question! There are so many different people…at times it’s CS Lewis; at times it’s my sociology professor, Dr. Vos; at times it’s my mom. Maybe it’s my mom, actually.

  2. a) Plato’s Laches (kind of unfortunately)
    b) Jean de Florette (for modern french cinema)
    c) feed the homeless in waco? build a house in new orleans? send it to the kids in africa on those commercials?
    d) i’m really good at…reading…
    e) a combination of my parents and my grandmother and whatever books i was reading when i was a kid…

  3. a) Catch-22. It’s…odd.
    b) on video: The Nines. in theater: The Spiderwick Chronicles (recommended, actually)
    c) this may be too selfish, but i’d use it to cover my folks’ bills while my dad’s looking for a job.
    d) dare i say writing?
    e) I guess my “thinking” (my, that’s a big concept) has been impacted by my folks, my (good and bad) past experiences, Dr. Carolyn Cole at OBU, and the books i’ve read (mostly fiction). I’m sorry to say my education in the deep thinkers of the past has been rather limited. I’ve probably gotten more out of Victor Hugo and Dostoyevsky as I have out of books by theologians and scholars.

  4. Hey Manders, what’s happening?

    a) The Gospel in a Pluralist Society, Ministries of Mercy, <a href=”″Vintage Jesus, <a href=”″Surprised by Hope, Lectures on Calvinism, The Peacemaker, Following Jesus,
    and about 6 commentaries on Acts. Yes, I’m a retard.
    b) I think it was Blades of Glory, which was awful. Haven’t seen too many movies since the little guy arrived.
    c) Probably give it to someone trying to plant a church in LA. If I could find such a person.
    d) Planning, apparently.
    e) Probably Tim Keller.

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