This week: Your 13 favorite movie endings. There will probably be spoilers, so you’ve been warned.

1. Magnolia (mostly for its “?!?!” factor).

2. Little Women, the 1994 version (“I have nothing but these empty hands…” “Not empty now.” *smooch*)

3. Braveheart (*throws sword*).

4. The post-credits bit of Ferris Bueller’s Day Off.

5. Gladiator (“Now we are free…”)

6.Β  The Graduate.

7. Road to Perdition.

8. The Return of the King, from the hobbits coming back to Hobbiton onward. “Well, I’m home.”

9. Moulin Rouge (I don’t know about you, but his scream/wail in the theater just kills me every time).

10. Master and Commander. (“The birds are flightless, you say?” “Yes…” “Well. Then they aren’t going anywhere, are they?”)

11. Fight Club (again, for the ?!!! factor).

12. Lost In Translation.

13. Remember the Titans. (“Hey, hey, hey…goodbye.” Wow.)


One thought on “t13

  1. i agree with almost all of these (esp #9).

    I think #8 can probably count as 5 of them.

    I love, in #11, how the song is The Pixies’ “Where is My Mind?”.

    My alternate/additional entries:

    The Usual Suspects–The crooked feet straighten, Verbal gets into the car, and then–“…and just like that, *poof*, he’s gone.”

    Seven–Seriously, Gwenyth’s head’s in a freaking box.

    The Godfather–Michael sits in the big chair and gets his ring-hand kissed as the door closes in front of Diane Keaton. Such an iconic shot.

    Godfather III–I think this is the ending, but i may be misremembering; but when Michael’s daughter gets shot, and he’s crumpled on the steps of the operahouse holding her bloody body, screaming. It’s the second best “screen-keening” (behind Ewan’s) that I’ve ever seen.

    10 Things–The kiss in the parking lot, and then the camera pulls back in a crane shot of the people moving around, and you see a fight breaking out, and then the cameras swoops around to the roof of the building and there’s Letters to Cleo playing on a stage on the roof. Gimmicky, but it’s neat seeing a band on the roof.

    Murder 101–with Pierce Brosnan, when the last shot reveals that what you’ve been watching is a FILM starring the principals, and the two “antagonists” walk away laughing, arm in arm.

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