“is that a ufo…? no, it’s a helicopter.”

(starting music: Sandra McCracken – Abiding City)

1. I realized not too long ago that I have the kind of personality that sort of enjoys being miserable, that sometimes I’ll seek out ways to drive myself nuts so I can take pleasure in it. I have no idea why this is, other than I am a sick freak. (Well, and my own depravity, but I hope that was a given.)

2. Anyone have $3 million so we can buy this?

3. I told my friend last weekend that if worse comes to worse, I might have to write in Sam and Dean Winchester for president. Yes, both of them. I may actually have to do this.

4. My mom comes home next week, after a nearly six-month-long stint in the hospital–we rejoice (as does the insurance company, I’m sure, ha). So that’s a good good thing, and thanks for praying, everyone.

5. Steph and I went to go see No Country for Old Men–first of all, I was audibly gasping and I think I might have shrieked just a tiny bit in the process, and it takes a lot for a movie to do that to me. It’s intense, it’s pretty grim, it leaves a lot more questions than answers, and Javier Bardem was right in saying in his Oscar speech that his character had the worst freaking haircut in cinema history. BUT. It’s a good movie, people. In the midst of the bleak there are some tiny, tiny moments of grace, and that made it worth it for me.

6. It’s Saturday evening, I’m listening to Garrison Keillor talk to me on the radio, and eating some decent pad thai. The weather outside is gorgeous, my laundry’s clean, I got the new Radiohead CD today, and there’s the Lord’s Day in the morning. I’m content. Hope you are, too.


4 thoughts on ““is that a ufo…? no, it’s a helicopter.”

  1. slackerlitgeek

    1. yeah. ditto.

    2. couldn’t even imagine.

    3. Wasn’t Sam possessed by the devil at some point? I only watch the commercials (during Smallville), but i think i remember something about that.

    Now, in light of the current field of candidates… okay, yeah, i see your point.

    4. hallelujah.

    5. Wasn’t it incredible? Just brutal. But so so worth it. Just perfect filmmaking. The dialogue was so spare and perfectly weighted, esp TLJones’ lines.

    6. Saturday night at that time… i was taking my sister to a random dollar theater on the west side so we could finally see Sweeney Todd. So I was pretty happy.

  2. slackerlitgeek

    all you were missing was a tag at the end of the post stating that it was brought you by the good folks at Powder Milk Biscuits–“Powder Milk Biscuits, my, they’re tasty.”

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