this week: 13 movies that basically explain you.

1. sister act 2 (Christian school, choir…)

2. high fidelity (listmaking, music snobbery)

3. martian child (the whole adoption angle, plus the weird feeling i’ve always had of not feeling at home in most places)

4. magnolia (i am a broken mess; i like seeing the odd ways in which we’re all connected)

5. rent (mark cohen is my freaking hero)

6. little women (and so is jo march)

7. slam nation (poetry slam = love)

8. the motorcycle diaries (i have always wanted to do that, minus the sex and the becoming a communist revolutionary part)

9. the patriot (i love colonial history)

10. dead poets society (i’ve told y’all about the time we actually did the “o captain, my captain” thing, right?)

11. return to me (because i ache for Grace, too)

12. the matrix (i freak myself out on occasion by wondering, what if this all isn’t real anyway? plus, if i believed in reincarnation, i’d want to come back as trinity)

13.  oh, uh, the emperor’s new groove. for reasons i’m not really sure of, but it really does work. i don’t know why.


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