the new york post, which will be laden with links

So, in 9 days, Steph and I: 

  • stayed at the White House Hotel on Bowery Street, in a room about the size of a shoebox with no solid ceiling and no outlets (it was better than it sounds) 
  • ate at S’Mac (twice), the Hard Rock Cafe in Times Square, Planet Hollywood in Times Square, Famous Famiglia Pizza (twice), The Original Soup Man (the inspiration for Seinfeld’s Soup Nazi–we did get bread, though), a random place in Grand Central Station, the McDonald’s at the Manhattan Mall, a street vendor (we ate a pretzel and a hot dog in front of the Fox News building and counted four typos in their news ticker–shameful), Pommes Frites (three times–it was that good, and we both recommend the sweet mango chutney dipping sauce), a Revolutionary-War era tavern, Peanut Butter and Co., the Life Cafe (we’re Rentheads, we had to), the oldest pizzeria in the United States (which makes really great pizza, to boot), Shake Shack (among the best burgers I have ever eaten, and the best root beer float I’ve ever had), and a random bar in Union Square
  • went to H&M, Saks 5th Avenue (10 stories of clothes and $2000 purses, girls), Tiffany’s (we thought about going back and eating breakfast in front of the window, Audrey Hepburn-style), the American Girl Place, and St. Patrick’s Cathedral (we almost stayed for the stations of the cross, but decided against it)
  • got lost in The Strand (18 miles of books, kids)
  • went to a slam at the Nuyorican Poets Cafe, where we were regaled (on Good Friday, even) to a woman rambling on about a religion she was going to start that was based around women’s bodies–Steph and I looked at each other and raised our eyebrows quite a bit–and also some really good work (even though the guy we both were rooting for lost, aw)
  • got crushed in the giant Toys R Us in Times Square, which has New York Hello Kittys and a Ferris wheel, which was kind of great
  • got smushed in the TKTS booth line
  • sat four rows away from Michael McKean, Ian McShane, and Raul Esparza during The Homecoming, a Pinter work and among the weirdest things I’ve ever sat through, although we were close enough to smell the cigar smoke, which was nice (and we got to say “hi” and “that was a great show” to Raul at the end, which made us both swoon a bit)
  • attended Easter services at Redeemer and heard Tim Keller preach a stellar sermon, which made our day
  • wandered through Central Park and looked at Bethesda Fountain (gorgeous), and stumbled upon some morris dancers, including one that looked almost exactly like my friend Adam, which is still weirding me out–oh, and their money-collecting guy treated us to the line, “We gratefully accept your money, which will be quickly squandered; it takes a lot of beer to dance this well.”
  • wandered the East Village
  • got lost more frequently than we would care to say…
  • got crushed on the 1 train on the way uptown
  • saw Grant’s Tomb (where Grant and Mrs. Grant really are entombed, thanks for asking), which made Steph the consummate Civil War nerd very happy
  • had to go to an AT&T store to do something about Steph’s phone, which randomly died on her about the third day of the trip
  • shopped at American Apparel
  • went to Brooklyn, bought stuff at Brooklyn Industries (cute stuff, if expensive), ogled at the superhero supplies at 826 NYC, popped in a cute green-living store, and ate ice cream
  • crossed the Brooklyn Bridge
  • stayed in one night and watched a DVD of (not even kidding) The Mole that Steph found at a random East Village music store
  • went to the New York Public Library
  • found the cover of The Freewheelin’ Bob Dylan, sans Bob and the girl, of course
  • read kids’ books in The Scholastic Store
  • popped into M&M World
  • bought souvenirs
  • went to see Rent and LOVED it immensely

Did we have a good time? Of course.


    One thought on “the new york post, which will be laden with links

    1. wow! I’d love to go to NY sometime – especially with a best friend (assuming that it was a guys trip and Krystel couldn’t come!). So glad you had fun and congrats on iSchool! SWEEET.

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