#76 on my life list done–I won Script Frenzy. 😀 Now for the work of editing…


happy etl, boys and girls

if you don’t know what Embrace the Lame (from here on abbreviated EtL) is, an explanation: my friend and colleague Teacher Dave of blogdom fame decided we ought to have a fake Internet holiday where we all post our respective points of geekery so others can support us in them. so without further ado, my 2008 list:

1. i just figured out the other day that, through my baylor account, i still have access to lexus/nexus and JSTOR. i am so excited about this and I DON’T KNOW WHY!
2. last july, i was one of those crazy people who read the last harry potter book in less than a day, and have since spent my time considering its theological and philosophical implications. homegirl quoted 1 Corinthians 15 in it. that doesn’t happen in your everyday fantasy book, boys and girls.
3. i have a moleskine. nothing lame about that, really; they’re good little notebooks, and they have that spiffy pocket in back. what scares me a little is that i numbered all my pages, and i have an index…i fear i’m turning into a lifehacker.
4. for a while, steph and i have been dropping the occasional “word” (as in, i agree, homeskillet) in conversation, and we recently figured out that “forsooth” is the elizabethan equivalent. so that’s been showing up, too. and we find this really amusing.
5. finally…dudes. i’m becoming a librarian. i find this remarkably awesome, but apparently the stereotype runs deep. *shrug* and, look, i knit, and i read a lot of books, and i drink a lot of tea. all i need is a cat or two (or six) and i’ll be set for life. (good thing i’m not really a cat person, eh? or a small dog person, either.)

mix tape monday

This week: Numbers!

1. The Decemberists – 16 Military Wives
2. The Beatles – Eight Days a Week
3. Jars of Clay – The Eleventh Hour
4. U2 – Hawkmoon 269
5. Derek Webb – Zeros and Ones
6. Steven Delopoulos – 12 West Front Street
7. Johnny Cash – 25 Minutes to Go
8. Patty Loveless – Two Coats
9. Nick Drake – One of These Things First
10. Denison Witmer – 24 Turned 25
11. Rosie Thomas – 2 Dollar Shoes
12. Stop Thief! Quartet – Spring or the 4th of July
13. Finger Eleven – One Thing
14. David Shook (*no, not that David Shook) – 27 Years
15. Sandra McCracken – Ten Thousand Angels
16. Caedmon’s Call – 40 Acres
17. Andrew Peterson – The Ninety and Nine

run time – 1 hour, 7 minutes, 6 seconds

random things i’ve been pondering

1. What is up with the phrase “in this place”? You know what I mean, if you’ve been in church: “Lord, we just ask You to be here in this place…” or some other permutation. It’s been bugging me because a) isn’t that just an overly verbose and/or redundant way of saying “here”? b) where else do you want Him to be? I don’t know.

Also–“Stand to your feet.” Where the heck else are you going to stand? Your hands? I don’t get it. 🙂

2. Been thinking a lot about the resurrection lately, thanks to sermons at church and having just read N.T. Wright’s book Surprised by Hope. I think it’s interesting that God is in the business of redeeming and renewing matter; one day He’s going to make the physical world whole again, including our bodies. God likes matter, and to say He doesn’t is to fall into the same error as the gnostics (and I know you guys don’t want to do that). I mean, He made it, after all, so God likes trees and airplanes and mangoes and sound waves and skin colors and dolphins. And in the meantime, we get to be part of the renewal, whether by enjoying God’s good creation or making it more beautiful or taking care of it. Imagine the implications this has for aesthetics and environmentalism.

3. Confession: I bought a coloring book the other day. A Hello Kitty coloring book. Broke out my crayons for the first time in years. I stay in the lines, thank you very much. Sometimes you just need to regress a little. Now if you’ll excuse me, I’m off to go have some juice and cookies…

4. Speaking of regression, I got a Psalty song stuck in my head stuck in my head the other day, and I wanted all the rest of you to join in the fun:


this week: 13 things you really don’t feel the need to do.

1. watch dr. phil or oprah. i think this might be good.
2. follow celebrity news.
3. get anything pierced that’s not on my head.
4. try drugs.
5. buy anything that costs more than i make in a year.
6. go bungee-jumping.
7. read the da vinci code.
8. write sci-fi (though does postapocalyptic lit technically count as sci-fi if it doesn’t involve robots or, y’know, science?).
9. listen to talk radio that’s not npr.
10. make a record.
11. get a motorcycle.
12. learn a brass instrument.
13. dress in drag (and yes, virginia, there are drag kings, too).

the trees: rise and shine

(Part one is here.)
Once out of Eden’s gates, the father and
The mother of our race dug deep into
The thorny ground and somehow put down roots,
Bore their own fruit—two sons, Abel and Cain,
But Abel’s branch would not live long, his blood
Spilled out onto the thirsty ground and turned
It red with sin and guilt. But still his faith
Lived on, and speaks, you know. And so came Seth,
And Cain’s offspring and his split off, one branch
Seeking the light of God, one growing toward the dark.

And so it came that just one man remained
Upon whom favor from the Lord did rest,
And so the two by two and the eight sons
And wives went up into the ark, the trees
Providing shelter for all living things
While the unrighteous drowned; the earth was born
Again through baptism and blood, and wood.
The trees grew once again; an olive branch
Brought by a dove came signifying peace
And new beginning for the human race.
They rose and shone and gave God glory–but
They still did fall, and curse, and die again.


and forty days would cease the drowning gates of heaven
pouring out the weight of glory on the grass and dust,
to cover the earth like the seas of forgetfulness,
to remember us sinners no more
(have mercy on us, he said, have mercy)

for thorns and thistles we have borne
and choked the garden You had planted,
thorns grown from the serpent’s seed,
weeds to spring up from the stony ground
the water of Your word won’t penetrate,
and we’re left wandering the desert of our own decrees,
blind to the blinding light of truth that leads us through the night
(miserere nobis, Domine, miserere nobis)

and we have stumbled like the blind following the blind
and listened for Your whisper in a hurricane but
You were not there
(what are we doing here, You ask,
and we confess an ignorant zeal),
so You blow against our tidings of things you already knew,
burn like wrath and a lover’s passion
to light up the deep down things in us
(have mercy on us, Lord, have mercy)