what i want to do before i die, #1-25

I had a page up on here a while back with this, but I’ve since heavily revised it, having been inspired by Maggie at Mighty Girl. The first quarter:

1. Get published.

2. Get a script produced.

3. Go to at least one National Poetry Slam.

4. Meet all the members of U2.

5. Learn a string instrument (that’s not a guitar).

6. Live abroad for a year.

7. Take each of my brother’s kids on a road trip once they turn 18.

8. Take at least one of my parents to Europe.

9. Help plant a church.

10. Eat at one of Mario Batali’s restaurants in New York.

11. Watch every Oscar winner for Best Picture.

12. Read every Pulitzer winner for fiction.

13. Grow herbs.

14. Make brioche.

15. Lose 30-40 pounds.

16. Dye my hair an unnatural color.

17. See Bob Dylan live.

18. Plant a tree.

19. Make a piece of artwork and put it in a public place.

20. Self-publish something and leave a copy on a bookstore shelf.

21. Participate in an Improv Everywhere event.

22. Kiss in the rain.

23. Paint a room red.

24. Hunt down my ancestors.

25. Do the MS 150 bike ride.

I want to see yours! Leave them in the comments. 🙂


2 thoughts on “what i want to do before i die, #1-25

  1. Great idea, Manders!

    1. Have kids

    2. Attend Culinary School

    3. Found a club

    4. Get a book published

    5. Take my dad to Wriggley Field for a Cubs game

    6. Own a lounge/concert venue

    7. Remodel a house

    8. Host a podcast

    9. Write a song

    10. Start a resturant

    11. Get my pilot’s license

    12. Drive the Pacific Coast Highway

    13. See the cherry blossoms in Tokyo

    14. Perform at an open mic night

    15. Coach one of my kids sports teams

    16. Learn to play the piano

    17. Compile a book of original recepies

    18. Restore a classic car

    19. Home brew a beer

    20. Go to South by Southwest

    21. Learn to speak Italian

    22. Take a photo tour of Texas

    23. See an underground rock concert in SoHo

    24. Build a tree house

    25. Attend a jazz jam session

  2. 1. Write a book, even if it doesn’t get published
    2. Go to see as many as possible bands at Coachella
    3. Finish something I start knitting
    4. Learn Italian and Spanish
    5. Live abroad for a while
    6. Live in a boat
    7. Finish every book I’ve bought
    8. Meet a rockstar/band person backstage
    9. Get a tattoo
    10.Dye all my hair an unnatural color
    11.Go to every state in the U.S. (I’m part way there)
    12.Camp in a desert
    13.Visit all the world area/places (Asia, Middle East, Indian Subcontinent, etc)
    14.Work in a coffee shop (not Starbucks)
    15.Live without any electronics (except maybe a house phone to tell my mother I’m alove with) for a while
    16.Parachute/skydive/bungee jump/something
    17.Eat something really odd
    18.Dress up at a midnight premier for a movie
    19.Live in a loft
    20.Get old and wear muumuus
    21.Take my grandkids on road trips and get them the best presents (like my grandma)
    22.Fit into my prom dress again, and then wear it somewhere (so it’s not that useless dress in the back of my closet that I only wore once)
    23.Read the entire Bible, Koran, Torah, etc, etc.
    24.Have an amazing garden with stuff I can eat in it
    25.Adopt a hungry foreign kid off tv

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