things to do before i go, #26-50

26. Do all of Jeffrey Yamaguchi’s 52 projects.
27. Get a bikini wax, just to say I have…
28. Knit a sweater.
29. Win one of the screenplay Oscars.
30. Read and see all of Shakespeare’s plays.
31. Meet a sitting president.
32. Be in someone else’s wedding.
33. Be there for the birth of my grandchildren.
34. Play the lottery once.
35. Teach a kid how to play guitar.
36. Austin City Limits, South By Southwest, Bonnaroo, and Coachella.
37. L’Abri for a month.
38. Make a t-shirt quilt.
39. Shave my head, just once.
40. Get a tattoo.
41. Throw my parents a gigantic 50th anniversary party (1/23/21–save the date, kids, and it’s a Saturday).
42. Give my brother and sister-in-law the wedding they never had.
43. Read nothing but 100-plus-year-old books for a year.
44. Go to a performance of Messiah.
45. New Year’s Eve in Times Square
46. Collaborate with a friend on a writing project.
47. Adopt a Compassion child.
48. Pray at the Wailing Wall.
49. Knit an afghan for Afghans for Afghans.
50. Learn how to make pajeon from another Korean.


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