hey, look, it’s a real post!

(opening music: Caedmon’s Call – Another 10 Miles)

1. I apologize for the lack of any un-list-ish content for a while. I’ve been letting a few things steep for a while, so here we go.

2. I am playing along with Script Frenzy and dudes, is it ever fun. I’m at 28 pages (although, at my pacing, I should probably be at 40, but oh well, I plan on catching up next week) and I’m in love with these characters and the story so far. It is, of course, a first draft, and by nature utter crap, but it’s nothing a little editing and constructive criticism can’t help. I have, however, had to stick a post-it note that says “DO NOT SEEK THE PERFECT FIRST DRAFT!” on my computer monitor so it’s staring me right in the face…but anyway. It’s fun. If I actually finish the stupid thing y’all will be the first to know.

3. Question: Has anyone else downloaded Safari for Windows, and if so, have you had a lot of issues with it randomly shutting down or making your computer freeze up?

4. Geek moment: Sunday starts National Library Week, so everyone go partake of your local public library and tell the people there thanks for all the hard work. I mean, it’s a place where you can get free books (albeit for a limited amount of time, BUT STILL). What’s not to love about that?

5. Been reading a very interesting book (courtesy of my church) by N.T. Wright called Surprised By Hope, which challenges the idea that we stay in this disembodied state after we die–I mean, we do, but we forget, says Wright, that the Bible also speaks of a future bodily resurrection, when our souls and bodies will be reunited and the physical world made new. I’m a good amillennialist, so this doesn’t come as so much of a surprise, but it’s good to see it articulated in such an intelligent way. (It’s also a good 500+ pages shorter than his other book, The Resurrection of the Son of God, so it’s a lot more accessible, which is nice.)

6. Know what’s been really nice lately? I’ve been moved to pray a lot more, especially for certain things and people. Don’t know why, but after a stint when I was finding it really hard to even start praying, it’s really good. Hope the same happens to you.

7. Oh, yes, and the latest issue of Paste had an article on this guy, Foy Vance, which made me look him up, and I’m glad I did, because this gave me goosebumps:


2 thoughts on “hey, look, it’s a real post!

  1. Getting the hell out of dodge sounds nice about now…

    Safari on the school computers always freezes on me, but I don’t know how to fix it 😦

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