this week: 13 american cities you’ve been in, and why.

1. Kansas City, MO–my plane from Korea landed here.
2. Honolulu, HI–senior trip.
3. Abilene, TX–TAPPS State Solo & Ensemble Competition my (I think) sophomore or junior year.
4. Seattle, WA–freshman year mission trip
5. New Orleans, LA–my dad (as part of CFBC’s choir) was singing at the SBC’s annual meeting in (I think) 1996.
6. San Antonio, TX–my grandparents live here, and we went to Trinity for a couple of TAPPS competitions
7. Temple, TX–a bunch of friends and I went to go see the light show they have there every Christmas
8. Waco, TX–went to college there
9. St. Louis, MO–lived here for six years
10. Brownsville/McAllen, TX–stopped here on the way to Mexico, sophomore year mission trip
11. Austin, TX–went on a field trip here in college; miscellaneous CGR nonsense
12. New York, NY–vacation, once in 2001 and earlier this year
13. Washington, DC–8th grade trip, junior year mission trip


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