the trees: rise and shine

(Part one is here.)
Once out of Eden’s gates, the father and
The mother of our race dug deep into
The thorny ground and somehow put down roots,
Bore their own fruit—two sons, Abel and Cain,
But Abel’s branch would not live long, his blood
Spilled out onto the thirsty ground and turned
It red with sin and guilt. But still his faith
Lived on, and speaks, you know. And so came Seth,
And Cain’s offspring and his split off, one branch
Seeking the light of God, one growing toward the dark.

And so it came that just one man remained
Upon whom favor from the Lord did rest,
And so the two by two and the eight sons
And wives went up into the ark, the trees
Providing shelter for all living things
While the unrighteous drowned; the earth was born
Again through baptism and blood, and wood.
The trees grew once again; an olive branch
Brought by a dove came signifying peace
And new beginning for the human race.
They rose and shone and gave God glory–but
They still did fall, and curse, and die again.


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