This week: 13 letters you want to write.

1. Thank-you notes to every teacher and pastor I’ve ever had, if I can hunt them down.
2. A long letter to the next president.
3. “Dear Mom and Dad, thanks for everything…”
4. One to my older brother, explaining me.
5. Actually, another one to most of my extended family, explaining me.
6. One to my biological parents, introducing myself.
7. One to each one of my kids, to be opened on their eighteenth birthdays.
8. A letter full of poems for my beloved.
9. “Dear Mr./Madam editor, this is my manuscript…”
10. “Thank you for considering me for the best original screenplay Oscar…”
11. A rant about the Global Fund, to my senators (*sigh*).
12. “Thank you for sending your piece to our magazine…”
13. A thanks (and maybe a “well…”) to my high school.


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