This week: “13 ways people have impacted your life and probably don’t know it.” (Thanks, Caleb.)

1. I took this class in college, and it was way, way over my head–not my particular discipline, and not really conducive to the way I think–and I was having a really hard time. But the professor was incredibly kind and patient, gave me a better grade than I think I deserve, and also helped me see (although I doubt he knows this) that I am definitely not called to be a professional academic. 🙂

2. Jeff Hatton made me love liturgy and the story of redemption.

3. Kaleo–like, the whole church, not just a few people–has shown me the importance of being hospitable, the importance of service to the community and to one another, and the importance of being winsome with our doctrine.

4. Holly Young taught me how to knit…and thus created a monster. 🙂

5. Mark Driscoll, Matt Chandler, C.J. Mahaney, and John Piper have shaped both my ecclesiology and my missiology, and my views on Christianity and gender, too.

6. Numerous English teachers told me I was a good writer, and got me to write.

7. Numerous friends gave me encouragement and acceptance when I was going through some deep dark times, but they didn’t know it. I am probably alive and sane because of them. So, thanks.

8. My coworkers are being really key players in my sanctification by helping me see what an arrogant freak I am…and then being really nice to me. Heh.

9. Donald Miller, believe it or not, is part of the reason I am a liturgy-loving, paedobaptist Calvinist. He started this odd trajectory I went on and landed me here. *shrug*

10. Jimmy Fogleman taught me how to love Jesus.

11. I have, interestingly enough, a lot of apostates in my life, and they’ve made me really nail down what I believe, and study apologetics more…

12. I had a couple of professors in Baylor’s English department that really turned me on to modern and postmodern lit, and I have never been the same. 🙂

13. I read craft-bloggers, and they’ve gotten me thinking about creativity and what I do as a writer, as a crafty kind of person, and as a human being in general. Specifically: Jeffrey Yamaguchi at 52 projects, the ladies at Mason-Dixon Knitting, Blair at Wise Craft, Danny Gregory, and the good people at Knitty.


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