This week: 13 features of your dream house (thanks, Joel).

1. A front porch with a swing.
2. Azalea bushes with white flowers.
3. A library/study.
4. Lots of counter space in the kitchen.
5. Built-in surround sound connected to both the TV and the stereo system.
6. Wood floors.
7. A window seat.
8. A solarium.
9. A walk-in closet big enough to stick a chair in (don’t ask).
10. Above-ground hot tub.
11. A really big dining room.
12. A covered deck.
13. Space to put up multiple guests.


One thought on “t13

  1. 1. Library
    2. Wrap Around Porch
    3. Pool
    4. A circular room
    5. A window seat
    6. Part of my kitchen table to be a booth
    7. An awesome media room
    8. A hammock
    9. A porch swing
    10.A wildflower garden
    11.A jacuzzi tub
    12.Glass cabinets (instead of wood)
    13.Antique furniture (even though I love Ikea)

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