because i can’t believe i posted a post about why i’m not posting…

…you guys get a real post.

(starting music: Shaded Red – Revolution)

1. ^ That song is so great. If you were listening to a lot of CCM in the late ’90s, like I was, you probably recognize it. Too bad the band broke up and the CD’s out of print…

2. So, something I was convicted about last week at church is that repentance doesn’t just consist in mourning about our sin, but turning out of our sorrow to the joy that is Christ. My tendency is to walk around miserable about my sin for a while and then forget to come out of my darkness into His light–and that’s the only way real change comes about. Otherwise, it’d be about my efforts and feelings, and that’d be missing the point altogether, wouldn’t it?

3. I’ve recently become addicted to a site called Sporcle. Check it out, unless you have a lot to do, in which case I really don’t recommend it.

4. I have a couple of things in the works…I might share them with you, I might not. Currently reading through all the Narnia books (and by the way, Prince Caspian is a pretty decent flick…it doesn’t hurt that Ben Barnes is pretty easy on the eyes, ahem). Gonna start Zadie Smith’s White Teeth soon. Not that this is really important or anything. Isn’t blogging great for making the mundane suddenly interesting?

5. I feel like I should be saying something a lot better than this. But I’m sleep-deprived, and haven’t really been thinking or doing anything interesting lately. Just life as normal. Work, home, out with friends on occasion, church, that’s it. The ordinary. But that’s where we all live, isn’t it? So, there it is. But if my blog ever turns into a record of what I had for lunch, please kick me in the shins. Thanks.


3 thoughts on “because i can’t believe i posted a post about why i’m not posting…

  1. eustacepedler

    My iTunes has 2 Shaded Red songs (“Hello” and “Touch”), though I’m not sure where I got them. Perhaps it was the old incarnation of

    That sporcle site is a great time waster, I’m great with presidents and countries and stuff, though I don’t know why they included Vincent the Dog on the quiz of original cast members of Lost.

    Have you read the Narnia books before? I’ve read all of them except The Magician’s Nephew, and a few I’ve read multiple times. Caspian was okay as a movie, but I got the feeling the filmmakers didn’t have a lot of respect for the source material.

  2. I had read them, but it’s been a while. With book-based movies, I tend to view them as separate entities; movies are one thing and books something else entirely. I like enough overlap that I can recognize the source material, but otherwise I tend to be a little lenient unless they completely screw it up. And in this case, I don’t think they did, at least not entirely.

  3. eustacepedler

    Cool. Well I’m not a total purist about book-movie adaptations. I didn’t have a problem with most of the changes made for the Lord of the Rings movies (except for how they handled the Mouth of Sauron character), and even a few books that I really liked (A Simple Plan and Wonder Boys) had movie adaptations that in a lot of ways I enjoyed more than their source material. The first Narnia movie had some changes that I liked (the beavers were funnier and more endearing, and the scene with Tumnus and Edmund was one of my favorites of the movie), but I thought they went overboard with a few elements of Prince Caspian. I won’t list them all out here, but a few of them involved what they did with Susan.

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