a couple of thoughts i had

1. I’ve been a member of two young churches–my Waco church is about 10 years old and Kaleo is only about 4 years old. Most of the people are pretty young, too; even the oldest people aren’t old old. I had a crazy thought the other day: What are all these young churches going to be like when they’re not so young anymore, when we’re all grandparents? What about when we’re all dead and gone? Will they still be faithful to the Gospel? How will they have grown and changed? How will they be reaching out to the community around them? Something to pray for. “One generation will tell of your works to another…”

2. Here’s a question: We talk a lot about how the fellowship between the Father and the Son was interrupted at the cross–what was the Spirit doing at this point? Do we really know, or can we just come up with conjecture? Was the fellowship between the Son and the Spirit interrupted as well? (This is the fun part of being Trinitarian, isn’t it?)


2 thoughts on “a couple of thoughts i had

  1. Question number one is what takes up much of my thinking these days. We have no interest in being the young church – it’s just sort of worked out that way. My thinking has been about what Kaleo will be like when Mirabelle is my age… and that is a HUGE (but amazing) thing to dream about. My thoughts on vision these days are so much less about what we’re going to DO (programs, initiatives, etc.) but who we are going to BE.

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