This week: 13 ways you stay cool, especially if you live below the Mason-Dixon line.

1. Shorts and skirts, preferably of the cotton variety.
2. Popsicles! (My parents, when they were first married, did some random thing with their church’s youth group that involved a [clean] trash can, a bunch of Kool-Aid, and a McDonald’s freezer. Somehow, I think this is brilliant.)
3. Cold shower.
4. Driving with the windows down (which is more fuel-efficient at high speeds…).
5. Drinking a lot of water…and sweet tea…and lemonade…
6. Eating ice cubes.
7. Staying inside with the air conditioning on.
8. Sleeping in my room (my room, for some reason, is always freezing).
9. Listening to Christmas music and envisioning snow. (I’m serious. This totally works.)
10. I don’t actually have one of these, but I want one of those cheap little fold-out paper fans you can get for cheap in Chinatown, the ones with the metal handles (you know what I mean, right?).
11. Playing my guitar on our (shaded) front walkway.
12. Reading “cold” books–stuff that takes place in northern Europe in the winter or something.
13. Washing the car. If I’m gonna be outside when it’s 100+ degrees outside, I need to be doing something that gets water on me, or I’ll probably disintegrate.


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