This week: 13 things you’d like to get done before the summer’s out.

1. Um, find an apartment…
2. Buy a car. Yep.
3. Finish all these books I’m in the middle of (The Cider House Rules, Oliver Twist, The Canterbury Tales, White Teeth by Zadie Smith).
4. Finish the second draft of my Script Frenzy project.
5. Fill up the rest of my current Moleskine.
6. Get through a good-sized portion of my yarn stash.
7. Spend more time outside.
8. Practice guitar more.
9. Memorize chapter 4 of Ephesians.
10. Write a few poems.
11. Finish listening to my iTunes library all the way through. (Almost there.)
12. Road trip up to Waco before I start class.
13. Write letters to people.


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