the last, best hope on earth

1. I haven’t decided who I’m going to vote for yet (and I think it’ll help when the Democrats finally get their crap together), but I have decided to abstain from any political news until…the presidential and vice presidential debates. That seems like a good deciding factor for me, when they finally get down to the nitty-gritty–the vice presidential debates, especially. The last go-around I had much more respect for Edwards and Cheney than I did for Bush and Kerry, for sure, and I think I’m more likely to vote for the vice president than the president. I’m not real sure why that is.

2. Just got the new Counting Crows album, and I totally dig it. It’s not, say, This Desert Life, but it rocks. Roll down your windows whilst driving on a June afternoon music. Very nice. Also in the middle of way too many books, but that’s all right. Anyone have any media recommendations I can plug into?

3. I’ve been working on projects, trying things out in my leisure time. Nothing documentable (yet), so no blog material for you yet. Maybe I’ll do something soon.


One thought on “the last, best hope on earth

  1. 1. Good point on the veep debates. I think I know who I’m voting for already, but a strong veep is definitely going to influence the choice…

    2. If you don’t already have it, I highly recommend Jars of Clay’s “Redemption Songs” Not exactly Counting Crows, but it’s a pretty cool collection of hymn settings (or at least I think so…)

    3. I wanna hear about projects! I spend all day listening to junk in Russian – I wanna hear about your life (in English!)

    Take care!

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