t13 (like wednesday, but better)

This week: 13 crazy ideas you’ve had, have never tried, but would like to try. (And then watch “Scratch and Dent Dreams” in the post below this.)

1. Giant Monopoly–take out a city block, chalk the properties on the sidewalk, make big tokens with wheels, play for actual money.
2. Giant popsicle–clean trash can, several gallons of Kool-Aid, 2×4, industrial freezer, give pieces away for free.
3. Give out water by a running trail.
4. A coffee shop where every barista is also a trained counselor.
5. A Protestant monastery (not a cloistered one).
6. A writer’s retreat center in the middle of Houston.
7. Try out for a touring company of a Broadway show.
8. Memorize a whole book of the Bible and do it as a monologue (like your friend Chip, Hannah).
9. Knit an afghan for every member of my family.
10. Marry someone of a different race than me, and then adopt a kid who’s a different race from either one of us–and confuse the heck out of everyone.
11. Have four sons and name them George, David, Andrew, and Patrick–i.e., the four patron saints of the British Isles, haha.
12. Make a documentary about modern evangelicals, introducing us to people that don’t really know us.
13. Go do mission work in the Middle East.


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