you and me and all of the people

1. Okay, so it’s Wednesday night rather than Wednesday morning, but here’s a post anyway.

2. So, I read a lot of left-leaning websites, and so all the gay marriage in San Francisco news I read is obviously portrayed in a positive light. And I can tell all these men and women getting married are happy, getting to finally be together like “normal” people, but…at the same time, I know that in eternity they are going to suffer the consequences. I believe homosexuality isn’t so much the disease as the symptom; Paul lists it as the last thing in a whole string of hearts being hardened, the creature wanting the creature rather than the Creator. One of the challenges we have as the church: Loving gay and lesbian and transgendered people both with conviction and compassion, especially when they also confess Christ. Some sins aren’t easily thrown off, even when you know Jesus. Bring the controversy!

3. Okay, so, this is possibly the best acceptance speech for anything, ever:

4. Yes, I’ve been on this insane poetry kick lately, and I am perfectly okay with that (by the way, buy my stuff, see the post below, ahem *cough*). I am falling in love with the English language again. And things, I find, take on a different quality whenever they’re read out loud. This is how the ancients read; I wonder how our literature and how our reading experience as a whole would be different if we did the same. Not that I’m going to give up reading silently any time soon, mind you, but it’s a fun exercise.

5. I have to say it: I’m really glad it’s happening, but why is VH1 doing I Love the New Millennium when the decade’s not even over yet? Just saying.


2 thoughts on “you and me and all of the people

  1. hannahbanana77

    I, unfortunately, have this filter on here at home that blocks Youtube (sometimes a problem, but mostly a good thing with teenage boys in the house)…so I can’t see that acceptance speech, but if it’s the one I’m thinking of, it’s amazing. I read that he wrote some of it down, but most of it was off the top of his head! His wife is so cute, too; since you can’t marry him, Amanda, the next best thing is to see him happily married to someone who clearly loves him! 🙂 (By the by, yes, my new blog is on WordPress…feel free to check it out! It’s still in progress, of course.)

  2. hannahbanana77

    Oh! And about the “New Millennium” thing — I have some sociology-related thoughts, but I’m not nearly as prepared as I should be if I wanted to write an intelligent paragraph or two on it. But I think it has a lot to do with simulacra — a concept that the sociologist Jean Baudrillard talked about a lot ( Culture’s becoming increasingly self-referential (Andy Warhol explored that in his Campbells Soup paintings) and the copies of copies have less substance than the originals. I think it’s also about nostalgia, of course; but it seems like you can’t have too much “nostalgia” (in the proper sense) for a decade that’s still in motion.

    Oy, I thought I was done being a sociology major when I graduated from college.

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