thursday 13

This week: 13 major events from the 20th and 21st centuries that you remember, and where you were.

1. The Oklahoma City bombings…
2. OJ Simpson’s trial…
3. Waco/David Koresh…
4. The Columbine shootings. For all of those, I have vague memories of coming home, and my mom would be watching them on TV.
5. The first Gulf War–one of my earliest memories is watching footage of it on the TV in my parents’ bedroom while my folks were getting ready for something. Can’t remember what. I was really young, like, 5 or 6, when it happened.
6. The space shuttle explosion in 2002–I remember exactly where I was: In the emergency room, getting treated for a third-degree burn to my left thigh from boiling water. (Long story, except to say my dad was to blame, on accident.) All that was on the TV in the waiting room was coverage of this.
7. 9/11–I was on my way to Spanish class, when the school secretary comes through the halls, telling anyone she can find, “Someone’s bombed the World Trade Center.” We all thought it was a rumor until our teacher came in on the phone, sobbing…until we all packed into a room and watched both towers fall on a crappy TV…until they sent us home early and we were all wondering which city would be next…
8. For some reason, I remember watching the opening to the 1992 Olympics in Barcelona. *shrug*
9. The 2002 World Cup–during one of the games, the power went out because it was raining really, really hard, and I remember being really annoyed because it was during that World Cup that I discovered my love of soccer.
10. Katrina. Don’t remember where I was when I heard, but I remember all the aftermath, everyone coming to Houston, and I remember almost passing out when I went to go give blood.
11. Rita–I was overseas and worried sick about my family, until they called and said, yeah, we’re fine.
12. The 2004 elections–I got my absentee ballot late in the mail at school, and was really annoyed as a result that I didn’t get to vote. Up until then, we’d all been watching the debates and keeping up with the news, and I remember a lot of people being really annoyed for weeks afterwards. (Baylor is more liberal than you’d expect.)
13. JFK, Jr.’s death…I remember watching a special about him on MSNBC.


One thought on “thursday 13

  1. Argh! I typed up pretty much my whole list and then accidentally deleted it and I’m too frustrated to type it again right now.

    Thought you should know.

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