*whistles a little tune*

(starting music: Andrew Osenga – Of the Father’s Love Begotten)

1. I was reading Genesis the other day, and in the ESV 15:6 is rendered “And he [Abraham] believed the LORD, and he counted it to him as righteousness.” Now, in that second clause, who is the subject and who is the object? Paul obviously interprets God as counting Abraham’s faith as righteousness, and I’m definitely not disagreeing (Paul being an apostle and inspired by the Holy Spirit and all…), but does the sentence allow for Abraham seeing that this promise, even though it hasn’t been fulfilled, is the righteousness of God at work? Or is that even allowed for in the grammar and wording at all? In the Hebrew, is it pretty obvious who is doing what, or is that ambiguity there, too? Someone elaborate on this, please.

2. I’ve been thinking about it some more, and…I think I might vote for McCain in the fall, if only because he’s been less caught in the hype machine (his wife’s plagiarism of cookie recipes notwithstanding, heh). I am curious to see specifically where he stands on the issues, and why, and what kind of leadership he’d show, and what kind of people he’d pick. And I mean what kind–are they going to be people of character, or people who are out to get votes? After reading this article, I think I’m more concerned about virtue than politics, since virtue naturally defines one’s politics, anyway. So, we’ll see.

3. Here’s an interesting prayer I’ve been praying lately: Lord, help me to order my desires rightly. It feels like all that Plato and Aquinas I read in college finally clicked or something, but it’s a good prayer to pray anyway, I think. Get my priorities straight. Quit making things into idols. Love God above all else.

4. Things I’m glad about:
*You guys like the new layout (I do, too).
*I don’t have to work on Friday! Hurrah.
*God is good indeed, even when I’m full of myself, or I want to punch someone in the face, or when I don’t pray…actually, He’s especially good in those times. I’m still trying to learn this, but I think it’s sinking in more and more, and that’s such a good thing. Can I get a witness?
*I’m knitting a shawl for Afghans For Afghans so they can give it to a new mom…I’m kind of excited about it, actually. Pictures to come, maybe.


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