the living room recommends

Because I haven’t done one in a really long time, and because I have some good stuff to recommend…

Believe the hype on this one. Robots? Check. Adorable robots? Check. Love and adventure and fidelity? Check. A lovely reminder to live life while it’s right in front of you? Yes, please. Pixar has raised the standards of storytelling for this one. (Oh, and here is a very interesting interview with the director about faith, art, and storytelling.)

In the Heights
I haven’t actually seen the play, but I have the soundtrack, and if the CD is any indication, this is a gorgeous piece of art, boys and girls. It’s a musical with a strong sense of place; the vocalists are all stellar; Lin-Manuel Miranda is a great, great songwriter (and rapper, to boot). Standout tracks (in my mind) on the soundtrack: “96,000”, “Blackout”, “It Won’t Be Long Now”, “Sunrise” (which made me cry on the way home from work today with its utter beauty), “Carnaval Del Barrio”, and “Alabanza”. Besides, what other musical has a promo like this:

So You Think You Can Dance
I spent a good chunk of Saturday watching clips of this show on YouTube. Here’s an example of why.


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