Here’s to you, America–
Home of immigrants and tycoons,
Movie stars and grape pickers,
Home of jazz and rock and roll
And country western and gospel,
Home to Jews and Christians, Muslims and Hindus,
Buddhists and atheists and everyone in between,
Home to red and yellow and black and white
And their multicolored children
Where hamburgers and fries can peacefully coexist
With piraguas and curry
The only place in the whole world
Where the president can wear cowboy boots
And his daughter gets married on his ranch

America, America, who fought the wars,
Who’s been tried and tested by the fires of
Division and scandal and poverty,
An adolescent among the nations,
Still finding its way through the world
Founded by patriots, founded by
The children of the Enlightenment and revolution,
And their great-grandchildren keep building
On their foundation


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