um, this is brilliant

WALL-E is about biblical sexuality, according to Brant Hansen. This is so obvious now that I’m thinking about it, that I feel like an idiot for not having realized it earlier. What do you guys say? (Hat tip to the fellas at the Thinklings.)

EDIT: Link is fixed–something got screwed up with the code.


6 thoughts on “um, this is brilliant

  1. hannahbanana77

    Agh, why can’t I click that link?!

    Did you see the interview in World Magazine with Wall-E’s writer/director Andrew Stanton (who’s also a Christian)? ( He says it’s about biblical relationships! (I insert “biblical” in here because he talks about how Christ calls us to love one another.) Sexuality is certainly a part of that — and I was thinking about it during the movie, too. I want to see that link.

  2. hannahbanana77

    Yay, got it!

    OK, it bothers me to have to say this, but…I think I might disagree. Not that those undertones aren’t there — they are — but to say that the movie is “about” heterosexuality is to miss out on everything else in there, too. I think it’s kind of a happy accident.

    Here’s the thing: if the Bible is true, then there are certain things that all humans will connect to. Every person sees new life as important. Every person is a culture-shaper, and is shaped by culture. Every person is equally shut out from God’s presence without Jesus. “All truth is God’s truth.” Wall-E is one of those movies that taps into these things.

    It’s certainly cool that the metaphor of Adam and Eve, and protecting life, works for this film; and I think that is due to the way it works: the director set out to make a film about relationships, and the movie turned out to touch on those things that God put inside of us (partly because it’s a movie made for kids). Almost everyone who sees that movie grasps some kind of transcendental truth, I think.

    It’s hard to express what I’m trying to say — I guess I don’t really disagree with the author of that post. I just want to make clear that this movie works because it’s truthful — in more ways than just this one. So many levels. And to me, THAT’S the true beauty of this movie. Common grace insights at their most gorgeous.

    What *I* was thinking about a bit during the movie was — how do those people make babies? This isn’t as meaningful as the other idea, of course; but it sort of struck me that the more self-absorbed and inward we get, the less life we produce. And the more artificial life gets, too. I guess the babies in the movie were produced through artificial insemination? Hmm. Maybe I’m the only one who was pondering that.

  3. hannahbanana77

    I guess that’s what I meant. 🙂 Sometimes my brain has a thought that’s hard to translate to a keyboard. I guess that’s why I wasn’t an English major, eh? And good to know I wasn’t the only one thinking about that last thing!

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