This week: 13 places where you’ve lived.

1. A house with the street number 666…
2. Another house that I vaguely remember.
3. An apartment with a loft (I got the loft, heh).
4. The house I lived in before this one (sorry for being so vague, but, y’know. stalkers).
5. The house I live in now.
6. Oh, wait, I forgot, I lived in a foster home for six months, too.
7. Collins Residence Hall (which I’m trying to forget)
8. Memorial Residence Hall (wahoo)
9. Turner House (i.e., T-Unit)
10. My college apartment.
11. Uh, various hotel rooms…
12. Various dorm rooms at random colleges, too, on mission trips.
13. I don’t live there yet, but whatever apartment I end up moving in to in Austin.


5 thoughts on “t13

  1. That’s a lot of places. I’ve lived in exactly two houses, one apartment, and one dorm (albeit in four different rooms in four successive years), so that’s four different buildings, but seven different rooms.

  2. 1) Condo in Dallas
    2) House in Seattle
    3) Duplex in Seattle
    4) Hotel in Seattle
    5) House in St. Louis
    6) Grandma’s house
    7) House in Rockwall
    8) Memorial
    9) Various beach houses over the years
    10)Catholic University (now)

    That’s all I got…

  3. kristen

    1. A quadplex in a very boring suburban neighborhood in upstate NY.
    2. The house my parents bought for $30,000 when I was 4, out in the country in upstate NY.
    3. My grandmother’s basement in NEPA.
    4. My parents’ first house in NC.
    5. My parents’ old house in NC.
    6. Morrison 7th floor.
    7. Morrison penthouse.
    8. Morrison 3rd floor.
    9. Parker Dorm.
    10. A small one bedroom apt in Austin, quiet complex in the barrio, not too far from S. Congress.
    11. A large 2Br/2Ba apt in the suburbs of Richmond.
    12. An old bungalow on a sweet street in a small town.
    13. As of tomorrow – a duplex in a very diverse, urban, walkable neighborhood, the closest one to downtown (less than a mile.)

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