thursday 13

This week: I’m not quite sure how to word this–your 13 favorite tactile experiences, 13 things that make your sense of touch happy, your favorite things to feel/touch. Whatever. You get what I mean. Why doesn’t that have a word?

1. Wool yarn.
2. Hugs.
3. Uh, holding hands with people whilst praying.
4. Cotton knit jersey–like, t-shirt fabric.
5. Snuggling under the covers when it’s cold.
6. Putting on lotion after a shower.
7. Fluffy cats or dogs.
8. Cool metal or stone.
9. Warm baths.
10. The way words feel in my mouth when I read something out loud–not necessarily when I’m just talking, but when I’m reading. Can’t explain that.
11. Paper.
12. Taking off my shoes at the end of the day.
13. Rain.


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