things i am trying to remember to pray for.

a better memory towards God. the faith to come visit my Jordan stones more often.

being able to suffer well, should suffering come (and it will, eventually).

more vulnerability with other people, more intentionality about pursuing relationships, more love for whatever community i should find myself in. not that general love for humanity, but specific love for specific people.

leaving a good legacy behind when i’m gone. life is short; we don’t have much time, guys. we are but a breath.

what about you?


One thought on “things i am trying to remember to pray for.

  1. oh vulnerability for sure. I need to be more vulnerable.

    I also need to let go of my own “crap.” The pity party that we all throw for ourselves when we don’t get our way – that’s got to go. I pray that God moves me to focus more on my wife than my own pity problems.

    I pray daily since about a week ago for God to fill me up, and to put his fire inside of me. And yesterday while walking the dog I ran into a guy and talked for about 1 1/2 hours about the grace of God and his plans. Praise God for Jeremiah (the guy i talked with) and the opportunity the Lord set up for us.

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