why so serious?

1. So, I think I’m the last person in the world to see The Dark Knight…I just went to see it, and HOLY COW. If it’s at all possible for a character to freak me out even more than Anton Chigurrh from No Country for Old Men, it’s definitely the Joker. I have to say, though, the most interesting character for me here was Batman himself, who’s clearly struggling to do the right thing and has to bear most of the brunt of it without snapping completely. He loses his love and his reputation for the sake of the right thing, and I kind of wonder what in the world he’s thinking throughout the movie that he’s not telling us. But yes, go see it. It’s not an easy movie to watch, but it’s not meant to be–there’s a lot in there on human nature and right and wrong.

2. Heaven help me, I signed up at Twitter. There goes any mind I had left…I am kind of intrigued, actually, by what the implications of all these social networking sites are on how we form interpersonal relationships, and in fact how we form intrapersonal relationships, how it affects the way we see ourselves. Well, there’s a potential thesis topic…

3. Oh! I got a car–it’s an older model, but it only had 64,000 miles on it and the guy who sold it to me put new oil and new brakes and rotated the tires for me, which was pretty stellar. The only thing that doesn’t work is the right front speaker (well, and now my key won’t unlock the driver’s side door, but that’s a long story…). And I found an apartment in Austin. And my roommate and I met on Friday in person for the first time, and we hit it off immediately. You’d think that God was faithful to provide or something. 😉 (And you know, the funny thing is that even if He didn’t, He’d still be a good God, if only because He has given us Himself. All the other stuff is gravy. Not that gravy is bad, mind you.)

4. *resuming post* It’s Sunday afternoon now (I started writing this last night). Church was beautiful, lunch was hilarious, and I am about to watch a couple of episodes of Lost. Life is good.


3 thoughts on “why so serious?

  1. TDK definitely made it’s way to my top five of all time list – I loved it. (So much so that Shannon and I saw it again on Sunday night). I want to see it one more time while it’s out, in IMAX again. If you haven’t seen it in IMAX, you haven’t truly seen it – it is absolutely visually stunning. (And history making – the first feature film to be shot using true IMAX format).

    Glad you found a car and a place to live – now just praying for a job.

    So as your pastor (for a few more weeks), I get to ask nosy questions:

    1. What was beautiful for you yesterday morning? I love hearing about how God is at work…

    2. What made lunch hilarious?

  2. Erica: Yay!

    Bill: Answers–the body of Christ at work (I can’t really pin it on anything specific, it was just a general sense of “everything is good here today”) and Maryanna (enough said).

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