*insert olympic theme song here*

1. Yes, yes, I’m watching the Olympics, even though everything in me hates China’s policy on Tibet and their persecution of religious groups (especially the Church) and their political structure in general, but you know what? Not watching the Olympics is not going to do anything to them, and I like watching people do what they do well. Besides, there’s a lot of good in China yet. I think the opening ceremonies proved that, and I have a lot of hope for them. Praying.

2. Also, while I was watching the March of Nations, I had the really amusing thought of a Vatican Olympic team, doing something like the pole vault in full-on clerical regalia…

3. This past weekend I was on a retreat with my church, and it was a good time to just hang out and get to know the other women in our community. Too bad it was also my last Saturday in Houston before I move…but still. It was good. We sat around and chatted and ate too much and watched cute babies, and that’s always a good time.

4. Finally, this is so great that I have to post it here:


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