“the stars at night are big and bright…”

*clap clap clap clap* …somewhere outside of Austin. Too many streetlights here to see the stars; I’d probably have to hop on I-35 and wander outside the city quite a bit to see them.

But yeah, I’m in Austin. This is sort of surreal. Blogging thanks to Comcast and my father, who is good at setting up wireless routers (thanks, Dad). Sleeping on an air mattress set inside my bed frame, which is hilarious. Missing Houston people already, if not Houston itself, but I plan on keeping busy and meeting new people. I visited a church today and met some people already, so there’s that. 🙂 iSchool orientation is on Wednesday, so I’ve got a little bit to putter around, get a feel for the city, look for a job.

I do have a request for you guys: Pray that I will be a person who loves Austin, who wants to see it transformed by the gospel, who loves her people. Pray that I’ll love my fellow believers enough to remind them of Jesus; pray that I’ll declare the gospel to the lost here, in word and in deed. Pray that I’ll be brave and vulnerable enough to pursue good relationships here, to speak the truth in love. The seed of that’s been planted in my heart already, and I have faith that God will make it grow.

This is going to be good. I can just feel it.


4 thoughts on ““the stars at night are big and bright…”

  1. Air mattresses aren’t all bad. I’ve actually slept on one for most of the year and a half I’ve been in my apartment. At first it was just a stopgap until I or my parents found an actual bed frame and mattress somewhere around here, but after a while that became an afterthought and since I was pretty comfortable on what I was sleeping on, the idea of buying, transporting, and carrying an actual bed up the stairs to here just seemed too tiring.

    I’ve gotten along just fine with it, although the few times I’ve gone home in recent months I’ve been reminded of just how comfortable my old bed really is.

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