This week: Because I’m really uncreative at the moment, 13 things that are on your mind that you can disclose.

1. I’ve had one of my friends weighing heavy on my mind for a while, and I don’t know why. Nothing’s really wrong, but something’s been bothering me and it’s driven me to my knees about it.

2. My parents miss me, which is really sweet. And I miss them. Thankfully, though, I’m not doing a repeat of my freshman year of college and calling to tell them how much I hate it here and I need to come home. 😀 Maturity helps with that quite a bit. 😉 Plus, I met some good people today.

3. I have terrible trouble remembering, when it comes to making relationships with other people, that I don’t need to impress them or make myself look cool so they’ll think Christians are cool. I mean, we’re not cool as far as the world is concerned, and if we are His it shouldn’t really matter. I don’t need to make Jesus or me as a Christian relevant or popular to my peers; He calls me to declare His name in word and deed without thought for that. I need to quit making other people my gods and instead submit to the true God so I’m free to love and enjoy other people without condition.

4. Registration is today. Hopefully I get into all the classes I need.

5. Where am I going to go to church this weekend?

6. Our apartment is a mess. I need to finish unpacking and get all these cardboard boxes out of here…

7. We need furniture. 🙂

8. Uh, so, orientation was today, and I met a lot of good people, and my adviser is a hoot, and this is a much more interesting field than I anticipated, so this is going to be a fun two years. 🙂 There are a bunch of folks from out of state, and we had a little after-party, and while we were there I discovered some of them didn’t know what queso was, which amused me.

9. Hot sun + walking + not eating = feeling kind of icky. Air conditioning + dinner helped remedy that quite a bit, though.

10. Started reading The Cider House Rules and The Gospel In a Pluralist Society today. Both very interesting. Looking forward to the rest.

11. What in the world should next week’s T13 be?

12. I need to start going to bed earlier…

13. I’m almost out of milk already. Need to go get some more tomorrow.


2 thoughts on “t13

  1. amy pfost

    #8 did they call it rotel? i’ve had to educate a LOT of tennesseans about queso.

    congrats (i guess? is that what you say?) on the move. i never know what to do with boxes. this time i had a basement, so they are happily growing musty down there with artifacts from the previous owners.

  2. #1 I’m sad that LeRoi Moore died yesterday. He’d been a member of the Dave Matthews Band from its beginning, and they’ve been one of my favorite bands for nearly 9 years. I honestly don’t think that they’ll recover from this loss, as he arranged a lot of their songs and he was arguably one of the two most indispensable instrumentalists in the band.

    #2 I’ve enjoyed the Olympics but I’ll actually be glad when they’re over. I’ll get more sleep.

    #3 I need to work out more. On a whim, I did a bunch of sit ups and push ups on Saturday and was really sore the next couple of days.

    #4 Blue Bell’s Candy Jar ice cream might be the best flavor they’ve created in years. It’s easily in my top 5 all time flavors, maybe top 3.

    #5 I’m glad I have my job, because the next step up from me is a job that would require dealing with more red tape and government inefficiency than I could take.

    #6 I have three friends who are in training (orientation they call it) to go overseas on mission trips. I can’t say where, and to be safe we don’t even print their last names when we put them on the prayer list at church. I know two of them from college, another from facebook. Praying for their safety and that the gospel will be spread wherever they end up getting sent.

    #7 I’ve been reading The Ghost Writer (Philip Roth) lately. It’s considerably shorter than the other three Roth books I’ve read. I like it so far, and I’m sure if I took the time to really analyze it I’d appreciate it a lot more.

    #8 I’ve never read the Wrinkle In Time books and they’ll probably be next on my reading docket. My mom got them for me years ago and I never read them, but I had a conversation about A Wrinkle In Time a few weeks ago with a friend who liked it a lot (and who was actually unaware that it had two sequels) and it made me want to read it.

    #9 I haven’t seen a movie in the theater since The Dark Knight, and with the greedy Warner Brothers execs shamefully moving the release of Harry Potter 6 to July 2009, there’s really no movie I can think of that I’m looking forward to in the next few months.

    #10 I’m supposed to go to Al’s Formal Wear sometime this week and get fitted for a tux for a cousin’s wedding in December. He called me with the details on Monday. I’ve somehow gone 25 years without ever once wearing a tuxedo.

    #11 I need to eat better. Hot Pockets for dinner three times or more per week probably isn’t a great idea.

    #12 My memory has failed me at weird times lately. Last night I was filling out the Sporcle quiz on tennis players who have held the #1 ranking within the past 25 years, and I kept trying to remember Maria Sharapova’s name but it never came to me. I could picture her quite easily but hard as I tried I couldn’t remember her name. John McEnroe’s name gave me similar trouble. Names like that used just to roll off my tongue.

    #13 I wish I had a way to record and store all the grand and creative writing ideas that I get in the middle of the night when I’m trying to fall asleep. I have a feeling tonight will be another one of those nights.

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