i have no clever title.

1. I’m in that strange period of moving to a new city when I don’t really know anyone and I don’t have anything to do (not really), so I’ve been reduced to spending lots of time wandering around the city burning gas and spending lots of time reading at Starbucks and browsing the Internet. I’m antsy and anxious for something to do, and for a community to join. But at the same time it’s so sweet because in these moments when I don’t really have anything to hold me up, that’s when God meets me and reminds me that He is sufficient for me. Work and relationships are good, and I believe He will provide both (definitely work, anyway), but in the meantime I am learning and relearning to trust Him. And that’s good, because for a while I was going on autopilot, and I need this to refocus me before I get thrown into the mix of life for a while. I don’t really know why I’m telling y’all this, except 1) to encourage you, maybe and 2) prayer would be cool. Thanks.

2. Let’s see…to get this a little lighter, what can I say? Uh, I’m currently reading The Gospel In a Pluralist Society, which is all kinds of fun (although I definitely disagree with some of his arguments…), but good stuff. Listening to lots of podcasts, lots of John Mayer (woot), lots of Wilco and Andy Osenga…wanting to get some Adele, if only for “Hometown Glory”, which is glorious (listen to some of her stuff here). I had Amy’s for the first time today, and I can guarantee that I’ll be going back (the Mexican Vanilla is really, really good). Tried to go to a church today, but couldn’t find it (a testament to my lack of spacial reasoning), so I went to a local bookstore instead, which was fun, but not what I was hoping to do this morning, y’know? Knitting a sock (this pattern, if anyone cares). Thus ends my ramblings about stuff you’re probably not interested in–but that’s what blogs are for anyway, right? 😉

3. And that’s the weird thing about the tech generation–we’re so self-focused, but we have almost no real self-awareness, much less others-awareness. I wonder how that can change (I mean besides the very obvious answer of the gospel turning us upward and outward and–paradoxically–making us more truly aware of our own hearts…but maybe there’s no other real solution but that).

4. Geez, this is what happens when I have nothing real to do except think all day–I start babbling a lot. Thanks for putting up with it this long… 🙂


3 thoughts on “i have no clever title.

  1. John R

    Title stealer!

    I came up with some possible churches for you:

    Redeemer, All Saints

    My sister is at Hyde Park Baptist, near campus

    She was formerly at Hillcrest Baptist, not far from where you live

  2. Amy’s is so delicious! There’s one on Woodway in the downtown area…mmmmm. And I feel ya on the little-to-do thing. I start work tomorrow and hope to find a church…so I’m praying for a community of my own for the fall! I forget every once in a while how badly I need it…

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