t13 (the really late edition)

Work (yeah, work–more on that later) + Law and Order: Criminal Intent on USA + general procrastination = late T13. Sorry. Anyway…

This week: 13 favorite articles of clothing.

1. A red skirt from American Apparel I bought in New York that’s seriously one of the most comfortable things I own.
2. My “Keep Waco Wacko” t-shirt from Common Grounds that I intend to wear a lot while in Austin. 😀
3. This blue knit shirt from Old Navy…it’s hard to describe. But it’s cute.
4. A blue wrap dress that makes me feel like a full-fledged adult when I wear it (right now, I’m just kind of a quasi-adult, I feel like)
5. My black heels. I only own one pair, and I’ve had them since my junior year of high school, but they’re cute. And I can walk in them without falling over.
6. A red wool peacoat that I bought in Edinburgh for $12.50 at a charity shop.
7. A little ego trip: I made myself a pair of fingerless gloves, and they are ridiculously great.
8. This pair of brown pants that I almost never wear, but I like them a lot. I need to get more stuff that actually goes with them…
9. A pair of blue kneesocks with pink polka dots. Seriously.
10. I got a red plaid skirt from New York and Company that feels kind of like some kind of wacky kilt…it’s fun. I like it.
11. My official Junkmail for Blankets t-shirt, even though 1) he hasn’t really blogged since he and his wife had a kid (and who can blame him) and 2) my shirt has holes in strange places.
12. My fake Vans from Target. They’re pretty stellar.
13. An orange long-sleeved t-shirt with a hood. I don’t think you can technically call that a hoodie, but I don’t know what else you’d call it.


2 thoughts on “t13 (the really late edition)

  1. you have an austin job?!

    1) My first Warped Tour t-shirt from 2004 or 5, I always forget
    2) Black flowy skirt from Old Navy
    3) Grey sweatpants, I’d have them for three or four years and they aren’t close to dying yet.
    4) Pair of trouser Gap Jeans, they started out too long, but they somehow managed to shrink to my height (magically?), but now they are holey.
    5) My white winter coat
    6) Black converse losing the soles
    7) Long sleeved black shirt, it used to be my moms but I stole it, but it looks like it’s a wrap around thing, but it’s not. I also feel old in this.
    8) My prom dress…not that I’ve worn it again. Or wore it for more than about five hours the day of prom. It’s gold-ish and poofy.
    9) The wrist warmers you made me 🙂 I wear them when I drive and it’s freezing.
    10)This aquamarine-ish/turquoise/really light green scarf, I have no idea where it came from, probably a thrift store, but I love it.
    11)Black Funeral for a Friend band t-shirt, I only like a few songs by them, but the shirt has a yeti/abominable snowman on it. And it supported cancer.
    12)Yellow shoes! I’ve only worn them twice, and they’re from Target. Their a kind of off yellow and not to heel-sy.
    13) My favorite dress pants, their some nice brand but from Ross for ridiculously cheap cause they had a hole (we fixed it before I wore them), their lined with silk and feel nice. Plus their black, and I tend towards black.

  2. 1. Common Grounds Shirt – It says Support Your Local Addiction. how great is that?
    2. Red Flats! SO cute!
    3. This blue beanie I got from American Eagle in high school. It’s so comfy.
    4. The green hoodie I got in Alaska when I visited for my brothers wedding. It’s green, and too big for me, and very comfy
    5. Khaki cargo pants from the gap, they’re incredibly comfy. and cute, too
    6. a blue flowy skirt, it can be either casual, or fairly fancy. pretty great.
    7. black and white checkered vans. best shoes EVER!
    8. An amazing blue and grey (yes, i kid you not), scarf that one of my mom’s friends made me. I don’t think it was civil war inspired, but i love it.
    9. another scarf that was my grandmothers, I don’t wear it very much, but it was hers, and it’s gorgeous, and I love it.
    10. randomshirt that says: I believe in pluto and has a huge arrow pointing to an itty bitty dot. amazing
    11. my new Texas t-shirt! go UT!
    12. another new acquisition: a 3/4 length black cardigan. perfect church sweater, and great to dress up an outfit.
    13. jeans from old navy. everyone has a favorite pair of jeans, right?

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