This week: Thirteen things you’ve never eaten, but would like to try just for the heck of it.

1. Roasted grasshoppers (apparently they taste like corn nuts?).
2. Venison.
3. Escargot.
4. Green papaya (I had a Thai coworker who loved it).
5. Boiled peanuts.
6. Spam musubi (spam + rice + sushi seaweed).
7. Raw oysters (seriously, never had them…I’ve had cooked oysters, but that doesn’t seem like it counts).
8. Black pudding.
9. Fava beans (maybe with a nice Chianti? I think I can skip the other part of Mr. Lecter’s meal, however).
10. Patbingsu.
11. Cuy (if you don’t know what it is, that’s probably good).
12. Truffles (like, the fungus, not the candy).
13. Sauerkraut (can you believe it? and my mom’s paternal side is German, even).


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