everything is miscellaneous

1. A fun example of how Scripture gets into without you realizing it: I’ve been praying the phrase “You are good and do good” a lot lately, and I thought it was something out of a song, but then I read today’s morning psalm out of the lectionary, and lo and behold, verse 68: “You are good and do good; teach me your statutes.”

Go figure. I think I should pray the latter half of that verse more often, too.

2. There was a street preacher out in front of the Union Building yesterday with a gigantic sign that said something to the effect of “JESUS CHRIST WILL THROW ALL SINNERS INTO THE LAKE OF FIRE AT THE JUDGMENT”. Seriously, gigantic, like seven feet tall gigantic. I couldn’t hear anything he was saying, but he’d gathered a crowd. I almost went over and asked him, “So does that include you, too?” but something tells me that would’ve been less than fruitful (or loving). 🙂

3. Oh, oh, all you iTunes users, update to version 8 if you haven’t already. I’ve been playing with the Genius feature since last night and I can’t emphasize how cool it is. It makes me feel like a six-year-old on Christmas with a new toy. It’s that great.

4. I went to Waco this weekend. I saw some old friends. I went to my old church. I got a Baylor sticker for my car. I had a Cowboy Coffee at Common Grounds. I burned a tank of gas. I had a peanut butter shake at Health Camp (the most ironically named restaurant in the whole world). I read literary criticism in Moody Library. I drove aimlessly down Valley Mills. It was glorious, and much-needed for the sake of my peace of mind for some reason.

5. So, my Houston church turns 4 and they’re having a party to celebrate it on Sunday…I can just imagine. Wish I could be there. Have a piece of cake for me, Kaleoians.

6. Well. They’ll be having a party of Ike doesn’t come and rain on their parade, so to speak. All you Houston people, try not to get flooded.


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