a couple of stray thoughts

1. I was reading Acts 15 the other day, and I’d never noticed this one thing before–if you don’t know what’s going on there, the church in Jerusalem gets together because there’s a controversy due to a group of folks who are saying that the Gentiles have to follow Jewish law in order to be saved. Paul and Barnabas both go and tell them about what’s been going on in the rest of the world, how people are believing Jesus and receiving the Spirit, all without even being circumcised, much less doing anything else in the law. The church concludes that it is grace through faith that saves us, and so they send out a letter to the church in Antioch (which is where most of the trouble was) telling them so.

Now, what I just noticed is that they also send two guys from Jerusalem with Paul and Barnabas–a guy named Judas Barsabbas and another guy named Silas–who were prophets, and they send them to Antioch to announce all this stuff in person, which is just incredible. I suppose they figured that it’d be good to not just write them, but to have someone there to say it personally, to do some pastoral stuff and actually encourage them. And it’d be one thing if just Paul and Barnabas did it; it’s another to have representatives from the mother church come down and do it, too. So cool.

2. WordPress ate my post…I’m not real sure what happened…fixing it now.

3. I heard from my family and friends in Houston; they’re all fine, they’ve all got power, and I’m very grateful for that. Other parts of the city, on the other hand–not so much. Pray. Go help if you can.

4. So I had this whole thing up about philosophy of the Internet (did you know there’s such a thing? I didn’t either, until a couple of weeks ago), but I don’t really want to rehash it, except to say that a lot of it is Hegelian or Marxist or feminist or social constructivist and it’s starting to make me a little nuts. Why’d I pick this field again?

5. I think that’s all I’ve got. If not, I’ll post later.


3 thoughts on “a couple of stray thoughts

  1. Wait – Hegel shows up in internet theory? Argh! (I am currently in a fit of despising Hegel, as I have to read the entirity of The Philosophy of History by tomorrow…) I think I’m going to go weep now. Poor Manda – she has to play with Hegel…

  2. Wow! Internet theory…

    You picked that field because you’re going to be my personal librarian next year when I’m writing le thesis de morte. Kind of like La morte d’Arthur…

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