thursday 13.

This week: Well, since the autumnal equinox was a couple of days ago, thirteen things you like about fall.

1. It’s no longer mind-numbingly hot in Texas. I mean, it’s still hot, but not the “holy crap, I’m about to collapse and die” kind of hot. And then, hopefully, some cooler air comes through about early to mid-November, and the weather gets gorgeous and perfect while all the northerners are starting to freeze.
2. The pumpkin spice lattes come back to Starbucks. 😀
3. Sometimes, if you look at the right trees around here, they do change colors.
4. You get this odd mix of people in hoodies and people in shorts and flip-flops, and people wearing all of the above.
5. A lot of my favorite people have autumn birthdays.
6. One of my favorite U2 songs? “October.” And it’s perfect for the season.
7. Actually, a lot of my favorite music is rather autumnal in nature, if that makes any sense.
8. My father will have a small fit upon reading this, but Harvest Moon Pumpkin Ale.
9. Related to that weather–it’s a lot more pleasant to be outside while reading or doing work. Lovely.
10. The first time it dips below about 85 or so, people start using their fireplaces (which is hilarious), and the smell of all that smoke is one of my favorite things ever.
11. This isn’t a favorite thing so much as it is an odd phenomenon: Ever since about 2004 or so, my friend and I have noticed that really crappy things happen in September in our circle of friends and family. Seriously, it’s bad. I don’t know why September decides to dump terrible things on us, but it’s enough of a pattern that my friend and I just dread September. We were both like, “This year’s gonna be better.” And then Ike happened!
12. Honestly, I don’t like wearing shoes (I know, I’m weird), but getting to bust out my closed-toed shoes for things other than work is kind of nice.
13. People’s clothing goes darker, which is for some reason really aesthetically pleasing to me. I like bright colors, but a lot of them at once freaks me out a bit.


2 thoughts on “thursday 13.

  1. 1. The air gets a lot crisper. Even now you can get hints of it.

    2. Clouds form the most amazing patterns as they travel south from Canada.

    3. Everyone seems a lot nicer (probably because the heat index is under 108)

    4. Football

    5. The food is so much better in the fall.

    6. Getting ready for Christmas.

    7. All of my music goes a lot better with cool to cold weather…

    8. Fires (yes even in Houston)

    9. The days becoming noticeably shorter

    10. Drinking hot coffee outside doesn’t make you sweaty

    11. Thanksgiving

    12. Walking around downtown

    13. The clothes.

  2. 1) The fact that I’m in France
    2) The trees are really changing!!
    3) Boots
    4) Black is an acceptable color every day
    5) There’s more rain (Weird…I know)
    6) Texas heat is like 10X better
    7) Hot coffee is acceptable all the time (I’m strangely belligerent towards cold coffee)
    8) Scarves
    9) Halloween
    10)I agree on the song thing 🙂
    11)It’s dark enough early enough for a nap
    12)Cranberry wine
    13)There are the least amount of natural disasters (less tornadoes, no hurricanes (hopefully!!!))

    I got your letter today! It made my day, for real. I was lonely and it was in the mail.

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