thursday 13

This week: 13 things that you know how to do.

1. Write XML, kind of. I haven’t graduated to CSS yet, but I’m getting there.
2. Use Google Docs.
3. Write sestinas.
4. Tie my shoes.
5. Keep a sourdough starter from dying (feeding it usually helps).
6. Make almost every single thing Starbucks offers (except for that new hot chocolate they just started this week…by the by, the salted caramel version is tasty).
7. Use chopsticks.
8. Memorize long chunks of text (it does take a while, though).
9. Fold an origami crane. I don’t know if I’ve hit my 1000th so I can make a wish, though.
10. Cook pasta (and that’s about it, hee).
11. Wash all my clothes in two loads. It helps that I don’t own many clothes. 🙂
12. Navigate most of west Austin, from Lakeline Mall down to about Barton Creek or so.
13. Find good coffee places. It’s a weird gift.


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