mix tape monday

This week: Another round of pick an artist, give us your favorite songs by them. My personal pick is the Counting Crows…

1. “1492” (Saturday Nights and Sunday Mornings)
2. “Hanginaround” (This Desert Life)
3. “Mr. Jones” (August and Everything After)
4. “A Long December” (Films About Ghosts)
5. “Anna Begins” (August and Everything After)
6. “She Don’t Want Nobody Near” (Films About Ghosts)
7. “Good Time” (Hard Candy)
8. “Los Angeles” (Saturday Nights and Sunday Mornings)
9. “Le Ballet d’Or” (Saturday Nights and Sunday Mornings)
10. “Colorblind” (This Desert Life)
11. “On a Tuesday In Amsterdam Long Ago” (Saturday Nights and Sunday Mornings)
12. “Amy Hit the Atmosphere” (This Desert Life)
13. “Round Here” (August and Everything After)
14. “St. Robinson In His Cadillac Dreams” (This Desert Life)


4 thoughts on “mix tape monday

  1. I’ll roll with this pick.

    “Hanginaround” (desert)
    “I Wish I Was a Girl” (desert)
    “Another Horsedreamer’s Blues” (satellites)
    “Anna Begins” (august)
    “Good Time” (candy)
    “Washington Square” (saturday)
    “Holiday in Spain” (candy)
    “All My Friends” (desert)
    “Have You Seen Me Lately?” (satellites)
    “A Long December” (satellites)
    “Perfect Blue Buildings” (august)
    “Chelsea” (live album)
    “Rain King” (live version)
    “Goodnight Elizabeth” (satellites)

    I might also add a few rarities, including a song called “The Greening of America” and the actual song “August and Everything After”. But that’s my “studio album” (mostly) list.

  2. steph

    nice pics!

    I’m going with Ben Folds (using his solo stuff, and Ben Folds Five)

    1. Annie Waits (Rockin’ The Suburbs)
    2. Still Fighting It (Rockin’ The Suburbs)*
    3. Kylie From Connecticut (Way To Normal)
    4. Steven’s Last Night In Town (Whatever and Ever Amen – BFF)
    5. Bruised (Supersunnyspeedgraphic – The LP)
    6. Gone (Rockin’ The Suburbs)
    7. Army (Ben Folds Live)
    8. Not The Same (Ben Folds Live)
    9. You Don’t Know Me (Way To Normal)
    10. Fred Jones, Part 2 (Rockin’ The Suburbs)
    11. Jesusland (Songs For Silverman)
    12. Fired (Rockin’ The Suburbs)
    13. Battle of Who Could Care Less (Whatever and Ever Amen)
    14. Rockin’ The Suburbs (Rockin’ The Suburbs) *
    15. In Between Days (Supersunnyspeedgraphic – The LP)

    * My introductions to Ben Folds

  3. I’ll go with Dave Matthews Band, which was actually my favorite band for my last couple years of high school. They have a huge back catalogue so I’ll just go with my favorite studio tracks, no live songs.

    1. So Much to Say – (Crash)
    2. You Never Know – (Busted Stuff)
    3. Stay (Wasting Time) – (Before These Crowded Streets)
    4. Crush – (Before These Crowded Streets)
    5. Dreamgirl – (Stand Up)
    6. Two Step – (Crash)
    7. American Baby – (Stand Up)
    8. Typical Situation – (Under the Table and Dreaming)
    9. Grey Street – (Busted Stuff)
    10. Dancing Nancies – (Under the Table and Dreaming)
    11. #41 – (Crash)
    12. Ants Marching – (Under the Table and Dreaming)
    13. Proudest Monkey – (Crash)

  4. Sweet. I haven’t been online in a week,and when I return, TWO new things to fill out. 🙂

    I’m going Alice In Chains.

    1. We Die Young (Facelift)
    2. Right Turn (Sap)
    3. What The Hell Have I? (Last Action Hero Soundtrack)
    4. Love/Hate/Love (Facelift)
    5. Rotten Apple (Jar Of Flies)
    6. Nothin’ Song (Alice In Chains)
    7. Would? (Dirt)
    8. It Ain’t Like That (Facelift)
    9. Nutshell (Jar Of Flies)
    10. Heaven Beside You (Alice In Chains)
    11. Down In A Hole (Dirt)
    12. Don’t Follow (Jar Of Flies)
    13. Over Now (Unplugged)

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