music check…

Haven’t done one in a while, you know the rules…

1. Delirious?, “Revival Town”
2. Dave Matthews, “Christmas Song”
3. Olga Merediz and Lin-Manuel Miranda, “Hundreds of Stories”
4. Death Cab for Cutie, “A Movie Script Ending”
5. Dead Rock West, “Highway One”
6. Bebo Norman, “Have Yourself a Merry Little Christmas”
7. Kirk Franklin, “I Can”
8. Jon Foreman, “White As Snow”
9. Jimmy Eat World, “Firefight”
10. Michael W. Smith, “Jesus Is the Answer”
11. Shinedown, “Someday”
12. U2, “Angels Too Tied to the Ground”
13. Enter the Worship Circle, “I Love Your Love”
14. Donna Summer, “When the Dream Never Dies”
15. Caedmon’s Call, “Share the Well”
16. Quiet, Lovely, “This Line”
17. Jimmy Eat World, “Chase This Light”
18. Caedmon’s Call, “Not the Land”
19. U2, “Red Hill Mining Town”
20. David Crowder Band, “Deliver Me”


5 thoughts on “music check…

  1. 1. Break Myself by Something Corporate
    2. The Ghost of You Lingers by Spoon
    3. You and I Both by Jason Mraz
    4. Use It by The New Pornographers
    5. Wonderwall by Oasis
    6. Young Folks by Peter, Bjorn, and John
    7. The Future Freaks Me Out by Motion City Soundtrack
    8. Summer Skin by Death Cab For Cutie
    9. New Year’s Project by Further Seems Forever
    10. Oslo in the Summertime by Of Montreal
    11. Rockers to Swallow by Yeah Yeah Yeahs
    12. So Here We Are by Bloc Party
    13. A Message by Coldplay
    14. No Joy in Mudville by Death Cab For Cutie
    15. Stay by Tresspassers William
    16. Rootless Tree by Damien Rice
    17. Guess I’m Doing Fine by Beck
    18. Devil Town by Bright Eyes
    19. The Rollercoaster Ride by Belle & Sebastian
    20. Resurrection Fern by Iron & Wine

  2. 1. Red Hot Chili Peppers, “Death of a Martian”
    2. John Williams, “March of the Villains” (from the Superman Soundtrack)
    3. Arcade Fire, “I’m Sleeping in a Submarine”
    4. Oasis, “Morning Glory”
    5. Billy Joe Royal, “Down in the Boondocks”
    6. Death Cab for Cutie, “Bixby Canyon Bridge”
    7. Arcade Fire, “Keep the Car Running”
    8. Doves, “Catch the Sun”
    9. Five Times August, “Sorry”
    10. All Star United, “Tenderness”
    11. Sigur Rós, “Viõrar Vel Til Loftárasa”
    12. John Elefante, “Corridors”
    13. Marching Band, “Travel in Time”
    14. Five Times August, “The Greatest Falling Stars”
    15. Borne, “The Guide”
    16. Jennifer Knapp, “A Little More”
    17. Dave Matthews Band, “You Never Know”
    18. The Exies, “My Goddess”
    19. The National, “Racing Like A Pro”
    20. Creedence Clearwater Revival, “Bad Moon Rising”

  3. 1. R.E.M., “E-Bow The Letter”
    2. 311, “Come Original”
    3. High On Fire, “DII”
    4. Jars Of Clay, “Tea And Sympathy”
    5. Guided By Voices, “Local Mix-Up”
    6. Thrice, “Open Water”
    7. Nine Inch Nails, “Sunspots”
    8. The Clash, “Hate & War”
    9. My Bloody Valentine, “Feed Me With Your Kiss”
    10. Herbie Hancock, “Herbie’s Blues”
    11. Bright Eyes, “Light Pollution”
    12. The Rolling Stones, “Happy”
    13. Pearl Jam, “Not For You”
    14. Pavement, “Old To Begin”
    15. Deftones, “Cherry Waves”
    16. Sublime, “Sweet Little Rosie”
    17. Russian Circles, “Voices”
    18. Kings Of Leon, “Black Thumbnail”
    19. The Wallflowers, “I Wish I Felt Nothing”
    20. David Bowie, “She’ll Drive The Big Car”

  4. Lauren

    I LOVE Dead Rock West! So glad to see you included them with such a talented list of artists like DMB, U2, Death Cab and Jimmy Eat World. If you like Highway One you should listen to Pretty Disaster… It’s a pretty sweet song. You can check it out on their myspace,

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