hope and change

No, this isn’t going to be an Obama post. Or a political one, for that matter, unless you really want me to. Which I doubt. πŸ™‚ No, I’m burnt out on politics for the time being. November 4 needs to get here quickly.

So! I am working on group projects (one going well, one going…not so well, and I could use some prayer for dealing with my partner on that one, we meet tomorrow). I’m working at Starbucks–I love it when people get all the boxes on their cups filled in because then I get to tell them they won Coffee Bingo (not really, but it keeps me amused). Been having a series of decent conversations with my roommate about society and church and such. (I think she needs a blog; she disagrees. One day…) Thinking about going meatless for a while soon. Just for a while, for the sake of my budget and my waistline. Got back on the elliptical for a while this afternoon. Still finding cool stuff in the city. So, nothing very exciting, nothing really all that blogworthy; I just feel like writing about it as a record, I guess.

I’ve been praying through some things–one, who to vote for (I’m still not sure, although I am leaning in a particular direction), and two, where God’s leading me in regard to my future. And on that latter one, I might not be staying here in Austin after the end of the school year. So, we’ll see. Prayers for wisdom would be greatly appreciated there. For those of you guys who know and have been praying about that, thanks.

Anyway. I’ve been kind of homesick–both for Houston and for my true Home. I miss my parents and my church and even the people at my old job. I miss freaking Panera (the closest one here is all the way up in Round Rock…while I like Panera a lot, I don’t like it that much). But even more so, I can’t wait to see Jesus…for everything to be made right, in my own soul and in the whole world. I’ve been feeling the weight of the Fall lately. Come, Lord Jesus, and help us wait for You in the meantime.

So. Thanks for continuing to visit, even though things have been kind of boring for a while. You guys are the best. ❀


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