thursday 13

Sorry to my pagan friends who are reading, but this week: 13 things that stir your affection for Christ. (Hat tip to Matt Chandler for this idea.)

1. Making things–knitted stuff, poems, bread, anything.
2. Rainstorms and cold weather.
3. Long talks with friends, especially when a) those talks are late at night and b) we get to delve deep into each other’s lives.
4. Reading about other countries.
5. Long drives with music, both alone and with people.
6. Reading or hearing about the saints that have gone before me.
7. Choral music.
8. Hearing sermons that remember that the heart and the mind are not separated.
9. Discovering new things in a city.
10. Getting to serve in such a way that the spotlight’s not on me.
11. Good writing.
12. Getting physically active–that elliptical machine is good for body and soul.
13. Memorizing Scripture.


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